Release Notes

v5.25.12 on the GitHub



  • Date() function/constructor and supplementary functions for manipulations with the Date object are introduced.


  • The index.lock file is deleted on the Git repository initialization during WebStudio startup.

Fixed Bugs

Rule Services:

  • Deadlock sometimes appears during deploying to a Deployment repository.


  • The Sorry! Something went wrong error is displayed on table opening if the row under rules table is merged.
  • The incorrect validation message is displayed for the Time Format field in the admin section.
  • The Delete action button gets corrupted on project deletion.
  • The Manage Sources/Edit Module pop-up window cannot be closed if a user clicks the "Back" browser button.
  • The incorrect module is displayed in the breadcrumbs if auser navigates to the table from the Table Dependency tab.
  • Search results include system virtual tables.
  • UI issues occur when the Design repository is not accessible.


  • The contains(StringRange, String) function does not match to the range starting with zero.

Updated Libraries

Vulnerabilities are fixed: CVE-2022-22976, CVE-2022-22978, CVE-2022-31159.

  • OWASP 7.1.1
  • Spring Framework 5.3.22
  • Spring Security 5.7.2
  • Log4j 2.18.0
  • Bouncycastle 1.71
  • Jetty 9.4.48.v20220622
  • Tomcat 9.0.64
  • Netty 4.1.79.Final
  • Groovy 3.0.11
  • Amazon S3 SDK 1.12.262

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