Release Notes



  • The U.S. territories are now supported in the application: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands.

Rule Services:

  • Ability to toggle the CXF statistics is added.
  • GZIP encoding for requests and responses is now supported


  • The "Forwarded" and "X-Forwarded-*" headers are supported.

Fixed Bugs


  • The horizontal condition is matched incorrectly with the input parameter if the column contains empty values in a smart lookup table.
  • No error message is displayed to the user, if alias datatype itself is passed as a parameter instead of the variable


  • WebStudio stops responding if a user opens a project that has a circular dependency.

Migration Notes

"DoubleValue" and similar data types in the org.openl.meta package is deprecated for usage. Such data types will need to be replaced with similar Java types. For example, replace DoubleValue with Double, BigIntegerValue with BigInteger, etc.

SOAP/WSDL services and Aegis converters are deprecated for usage. It should be migrated to REST/OpenAPIv3 services.


1. These deprecated functionality will be removed in 5.26.0

2. "DoubleValue" and similar types will continue to work in 5.26.0 inside OpenL rules (Excel files) only, but they will be interpreted as regular java.lang.* types.

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