Release Notes

v5.25.7 on the GitHub



  • "Compilation" text is replaced with "Loading" on a progress bar.
  • In the Manage Dependencies window, the All modules check box is not selected by default.

Fixed Bugs


  • The string index out of range error is displayed when a 2-dimentional array is defined in a data table.
  • The null pointer exception error is displayed in datatype table containing table parts.
  • The String index out of bounds exception error is shown in the log on opening for the decision table consisting of the table parts.
  • The null pointer exception error is displayed and the actual compilation problems are hidden for a smart rules table containing table parts.
  • The array index out of bounds exception error is displayed in data tables if a table definition contains invalid symbols.
  • The Collect operator doesn’t work properly for lists in smart lookups table.
  • A transposed rules table with horizontal conditions is not compiled.
  • The column is matched to the input object field instead of the output object, ignoring 100% matching with an output object field name in smart rules.
  • Datatype link is not shown if datatype attribute is marked as internal with "~".


  • Datatypes do not have hints and are not underlined in cast operations
  • A user is redirected to the Editor page instead of the current project page, when receiving update from the branch where the current module is deleted.
  • Projects to Deploy list is not updated for deploy configurations if it is modified via another instance of the OpenL Tablets WebStudio.
  • The The element is null error is displayed if there are two tables with the same name
  • A Git commit not related to the project is displayed in the revision history and causes exporting of the incorrect version
  • The null pointer exception error is displayed if the SpreadsheetResult constructor is called
  • The string index out of bounds exception is shown in a log file if theh cast to array operation is used in a step name
  • No hint with a datatype is displayed for a spreadsheet, if the dependent project contains spreadsheets with the existing step name with in different capitalization
  • The stack overflow error is not displayed in trace pop-up window
  • Database settings entered on Installation Wizard for storage users are not saved
  • An authentication error message is not user friendly if the repository is stored in the remote Git hub server

Updated Libraries

  • log4j 2.17.1
  • Spring 5.3.15
  • Spring Security 5.6.1
  • Spring Boot 2.6.2
  • CXF 3.5.0
  • Netty 4.1.73.Final
  • Mockito 4.2.0
  • Hibernate v5.4.33.Final
  • OWASP 6.5.3
  • Jackson 2.13.1
  • Swagger 1.6.4
  • OkHttp 4.9.3
  • Apache Ant v1.10.12

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