Release Notes

v5.25.9 on the GitHub



  • The toString() method is added for to apply the specified format to numbers.
  • A warning message is displayed if for the input parameter name, the field name registered in a rule differs from the field name registered in a datatype.
  • A warning message is displayed when a vocabulary value is compared to a non-vocabulary value.
  • A warning message is displayed if there are two alias tables with the same name in different modules.


  • For macOS, in DEMO, the file can be run by a double-click.

Fixed Bugs


  • The add(Date, Integer) operation is not null-safe.
  • An extra warning message "Ambiguous matching" is displayed for a smart lookup if there is no other candidate for column matching.
  • An incorrect warning message is displayed if there is a reference to a spreadsheet cell that contains a space in its name.
  • The column is matched incorrectly with the output parameter if a preposition is used in the input parameter filed name.
  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown with no hint message displayed if there is a cast in a ternary operator.
  • Default values in the datatype table are not validated against alias if the alias type is numeric.


  • A user name is not displayed upon page restart if the settings are applied.
  • The incorrect message "File elements are identical" is displayed in the Compare tab if there are actual differences between versions.
  • In the Repository tab, table headers are displayed when no project is loaded.


  • Build failure or deployment failure occurs if Swagger annotations are used for the annotationTemplate service.
  • An incorrect project is opened in OpenL Tablets Rule Services when clicking the Swagger link.

Maven plugin:

  • Verify goal in the plugin fails on groovy scripts.

Updated Libraries

Vulnerabilities are fixed: CVE-2022-25235, CVE-2022-25236, CVE-2020-36518, CVE-2021-43859.

  • Spring 5.3.17
  • Spring Security 5.6.2
  • Spring Boot 2.6.5
  • CXF 3.5.1
  • log4j 2.17.2
  • Jackson 2.13.2
  • Jackson databind
  • Netty 4.1.75.Final
  • Tomcat 9.0.60
  • Mockito 4.4.0
  • Awaitility 4.2.0
  • Swagger UI 4.9.1
  • OWASP 7.0.1
  • groovy 3.0.10

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