Release Notes

v5.26.5 on the GitHub


Maven Plugin:

  • OpenAPI validation in the OpenL Maven plugin is supported.

Fixed Bugs


  • Range Editor is not opened for a spreadsheet table if the spreadsheet table result type is IntRange of DoubleRange.
  • In Trace, the value is displayed in different formats in the tree and returned results tabs.
  • The "NullPointerException" error is displayed in the results of null-safety tests for the Intersection method.
  • Wrong data is displayed in a tooltip for constructors.
  • Incorrect range format is displayed in the returned object.
  • A negative value cannot be entered in Range Editor.


  • The runtime permission error occurs when calling the copy() method in the OpenL Tablets Rule Services.

Rule Services, WebStudio:

  • The message from the dependency project properties file is not overridden by the message from the main project properties file.
  • Unicode characters are not supported properly in OpenL.

Maven Plugin:

  • The 'verify' goal fails due to duplicating dependencies in the Maven plugin classloader.

Updated Libraries

  • Spring 5.3.25
  • Spring Boot 2.7.8
  • Ant 1.10.13
  • Netty 4.1.87.Final
  • Reactor Netty HTTP 1.1.2
  • Jackson 2.14.2
  • AWS S3 SDK S3 1.12.395
  • Azure Blob Storage 12.20.2
  • MSSQL JDBC driver 11.2.3.jre11
  • AspectJ 1.9.19

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