Release Notes

v5.27.0 on the GitHub

New Features

Support of Access Control Lists

The newly developed Access Control Lists (ACL) feature available in OpenL WebStudio is a more robust and granular way to control user access to assets. This update brings a comprehensive mechanism for controlling the actions of subjects on objects, focusing on enhancing security, authorization, and user identification. Currently, ACL management is available through the built-in API tool or other API tools. We recommend that users read the description available at webstudio/rest/api-docs to fully understand the nuances of using the ACL feature.

Merge Conflicts in Excel Files

When a user initiates a merge between two branches using the Sync functionality and a conflict occurs in Excel files (in particular, when the same Excel file was edited in both branches), the system now executes the following steps:

  • Retrieve the revisions from both the current and target branches, as well as base revisions.
  • Compare each conflicting Excel file in the current branch revision to the base revision on the sheet-by-sheet basis.
  • Similarly, compare the Excel files in the target branch revision to the base revision, on the sheet-by-sheet basis.
  • If the comparisons identify no conflicting sheets, the system seamlessly merges the sheets as needed.

Expression Referencing for Decision Tables

A user can now refer to an expression using the following syntax: $Expr.$C1 or $Expr.$C1.param1



  • The "Copy full path" link to the full instance path is added to streamline the process of granting ACL permissions through the API tool.
  • The WebStudio property to define the default ordering mode for tables organization is now available.
  • Ability to view technical revisions on the Revisions tab is added.
  • The table list now matches the source Excel sequence for the 'by File' ordering mode.
  • Button order is updated for the Deploy Configurations repository.

Rule Services:

  • RapiDoc is integrated instead of Swagger UI.
  • Migration to OpenTelemetry is done.

Fixed Bugs


  • 'Something went wrong error' occurs in the "Revision" section for a local project.
  • A blank white screen is displayed upon login.

Updated Libraries

  • prototype.js to 1.7.3.

Known Issues

  • An operation performed by a user with a lot of groups takes up to 40% more time comparing to a user with 1-2 groups.
  • A user with "ADMIN" group is automatically granted the Administrate privilege.

Migration Notes

The user database schema is updated. It is recommended to create a backup before making any changes.

The following deprecated code is removed:

  • org.openl.rules.helpers.InOrNotIn
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.IDoubleHolder
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.DoubleHolder
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.DoubleRange#intersect
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.DoubleRange#compareLowerBound
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.DoubleRange#compareUpperBound
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.DateRange#getUpperBoundType
  • org.openl.rules.helpers.DateRange#getLowerBoundType

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