Release Notes

v5.4.1 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Validation for table which have "active" property

    There is possibility to have several identical rules tables inside rules project (the tables are exactly the same rules and before were kept in different rules project versions via repository mechanism). Just one of such tables can be marked to be “active” and actually used while calculating rules result. Added checks that there is only one active table, show error if it’s not so.

  • Properties for particular table type

    Properties list is the same for all table types, but there are properties applicable only to some table types, e.g. “validateDT” is used only for Decision Table. Added checks for properties which are applied just for one table type and their display for these tables only


  • Update copy operation to display all properties what were in base (source) table.
  • Other properties should appear by pressing 'Add property' button.
  • Add possibility to delete base properties.

Fixed Bugs

Fixed bugs for IE 6-8:

  • Header isn't displayed correctly in IE 8
  • Combo box is narrow in IE when one of table properties is array with horizontal structure
  • Borders of text editors shouldn't be black in IE
  • Rules Repository buttons should be placed without gaps in IE 7
  • Multi-select is displayed not correctly in IE6
  • Borders for description errors should be black in IE
  • Tooltips are displayed not correctly in IE6
  • Checkbox should be active in table editor in IE 7 when it was set to true
  • Links in tree in IE 6 should be of the same color like as in IE 7,8


  • Boolean properties shouldn't be set in table when coping table
  • Properties which can be defined and overridden on ‘Category’ and ‘Module’ should be disable for select in copy action
  • Test Method should be running when property “active” is true
  • Web Studio crashes if Test Unit throws an exception
  • 'Tags' property cannot be added in table
  • Properties values shouldn't become blank when one of the properties was removed during actions 'copy table' or 'create table property'
  • ‘Business Search’ doesn't work for enum properties
  • Properties don't display on UI which have value in form <value>
  • Symbols <, >, & shouldn't be converted toHtmlEncodе
  • Tree displays escaped symbols incorrectly
  • Wrong formatting for numbers in displaying Test method results

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