Release Notes

v5.5 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Errors and Warnings

    Introduced warnings in OpenL Tablets. Separated errors and warnings on fatal and non-fatal. Fatal issues will continue failing table loading, but non-fatal will produce error and won’t interrupt loading of table.

  • Gap/overlap validation for dimensional properties

    Dimensional properties values are validated not to overlap or have gaps for the identical tables in the range of their possible values in rules project. The range of possible values is determined based on all properties values inside the rules project. Validation errors are shown on specially generated dispatching Rules table where condition rule values are dimensional properties values.

    Notice: now these generated tables are not actually used to dispatch calls in runtime.


  • Improved validation for Decision Tables to support enum types and domains auto discovery based on condition rule values.
  • Double click opens Table editor in edit mode.
  • Wizards for new table and copy were improved.
  • Improved performance and memory allocation for Decision Tables Lookup modification
  • Show validation messages for "unique in: module" in UI
  • Error appears if any attribute is being set several times in Data table

Fixed Bugs

  • It should be checked that there is a free space on the left and right sides while adding properties to the table
  • Error should be shown when tables have the same signature but with different return types
  • Properties values shouldn't become blank when one of the property has error
  • Property section should be disable for table type= 'Data type'
  • Checkbox should be active in table editor in IE 7 when it was set
  • Resolve memory leaks (see migration guide)
  • Cannot add properties for table which has vertical structure in Table editor
  • Table Editor under firefox 3 makes cells too wide


  • Cache of OpenL objects is reused even if a new user classloader is provided. Reset cache of OpenL object whenever classloader change is required. A new button appeared in OpenL Webstudio to reload project including reset of classloaders.
  • Class SpreadsheetResult has changed the packet to “org.openl.rules.calc.result”. Compilation errors are captured other way than before. Be aware.

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