Release Notes

v5.7 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Configurable Service Frontend

    All configurations for services based on CXF framework moved to Spring. CXF based service frontend is now also packaged as configurable war file.

    Service base was restructured and separated into more configurable parts.

  • Repackaged OpenL Tablets

    Reviewed and reorganized utility and helpers projects. Moved eclipse lib projects for all modules to Eclipse module. OpenL Tablets delivery was prepared to be released into Maven Central repository.

  • Datatype usage in Java code and in web services

    Engine generates java classes at runtime for types defined using Datatype component. Added possibility to generate java files to the file system using ant goal.



  • OpenL Rules compilation performance is significantly increased.
  • Types (domain objects) defined using Datatype component are accessible with Runtime API
  • Local parameters declaration in Decision Table can be omitted for simple cases
  • Wizard for Datatype component is added to Webstudio
  • Merged cells support was added for lookup modification of Decision Table component
  • Merged regions in Rules are treated in user friendly manner (value is propagated to all rules rows containing the region)
  • Support of comma-separated arrays in Decision Table was added


  • Array editor is added to Table Editor
  • SpreadsheetResult became a simple bean
  • “failOnMiss” property is available at category and module levels
  • Link to test table is always displayed when target table has test
  • Engine Factory: mechanism for instantiation runtime context by user without IRuntimeEnv directly usage is added
  • Static wrapper: mechanism for instantiation runtime context by user without IRuntimeEnv directly usage is added
  • Updated helper OpenL methods to work with arrays in rules: added contains and containsAll methods for all types, including primitives
  • Added new "quick tests creation" button for tables in Webstudio

Fixed Bugs

  • Comparison operations (==, >, <= etc.) for short, float types don't work
  • Increase accuracy for double values displayed in test results
  • Numeric editor doesn't work correctly
  • Error message should appear in section 'Problems' when property has error
  • Table editor doesn't work correctly when table has merge cells
  • DC tables are not sorted by version when they have error by validation
  • Error should appear above table when property enum has not correctly value
  • When in decision table variable is not defined then empty error appears
  • Trace doesn't work when opened for the first time
  • 'Tags' property does not display correctly special symbols after copping action
  • Type property (combox or multe-select) should be saved after editing property in table
  • Application crashes when doing 'Advanced Search' when there lookup decision tables


  • Class SpreadsheetResult has changed the packet to “org.openl.rules.calc
  • org.openl.rules.helpers project is deleted, all dependencies should be replaced to reference org.openl.rules
  • Rename all mentions of org.openl.apache.tomcat.lib to org.openl.rules.tomcat.lib
  • Replace all references of org.openl.rules.webtools.StartTomcat with org.openl.rules.webstudio.util.StartTomcat, also the reference to project should be added. org.openl.rules.webtools is deleted.
  • Projects org.openl.poi.lib, org.openl.lib, org.openl.rules.ruleservice.lib,, org.openl.rules.webstudio.lib, moved to Eclipse module.
  • Change DynamicObject initializations in your code to newly generated Datatype java classes (to do this regenerate static Java wrapper and IDE will warn you about erorrs)
  • You have to change your web service client(it is because we migrated to cxf 2.2.8). Now your client have to use WsdlLocation instead of WebService address. Also client interface have to be similar to defined in wsdl: package is like a namespace, interface name is like a wsdl:definitions name(CXF WSDLToJava tool can be helpful for you). You can see all changes in our demo application.

Known Issues

  • WebStudio - Error message appears when user tries to login. To login to WebStudio you should refresh the root page (/webstudio/). To fix this issue you should add 'spring-web-2.0.6.jar' to project classpath.

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