Release Notes

v5.7.1 on the GitHub

New Features

  • OpenL Rules project descriptor

    An xml configuration can be defined in project with rules to allow different configurations. Users can define which type of instantiation to use and where OpenL will look for Excel file with rules and java class or interface if required.

  • OpenL project from single Excel file

    OpenL will attempt to load Excel file as OpenL rules module. Users can have just folders with Excel file(s) which OpenL will treat as rules projects.

  • Maven based OpenL project

    There was added OpenL rules project maven archetype. Users can start using this template for their rules projects.

  • OpenL Rules projects resolver

    OpenL Rules project descriptor is fully supported in our infrastructure. By convention (without descriptor) Eclipse-template based projects and projects with Excel files only are also supported.

  • Runtime context for web services

    OpenL Service Frontend supports runtime context enabled services. Enhancer can be switched on in service configuration to enhance Rules service methods with runtime context as the first parameter.



  • Multiple parameters in return column in lookup Decision Table
  • Parameters of conditions, actionas and return columns are accessible from other column with $<columnname>.<parameter>, e.g. $C1.min
  • Added support of ranges in brackets like a "( ; ]" for IntRange and DoubleRange types
  • Java classes generated from Datatype (both .java and bytecode in runtime) contain new methods: toString, equals, hashcode, constructor with parameters for all fields
  • Autocast is improved to handle primitive to boxing object seamless conversions
  • Trace for Spreadsheet component
  • Trace for Method component
  • Do not load trailing empty cells as nulls in array for Decision and Data tables
  • Reloading of rules projects improved
  • Added help to WebStudio
  • Webstudio monitors changes of Excel files on file system
  • Auto generated dispatch tables are removed from business view
  • Wizards are improved to work with the following fields: business name, category, technical name
  • Added the following types to Datatype component wizard: Date, DoubleRange, IntRange, BigDecimal
  • Added validation for technical name in Wizards
  • Added "Run all tests" button in test table component view
  • Added Trace button for each test case in test table
  • Removed dependency to Tomahawk framework in Webstudio


Fixed Bugs

  • Return value is not converted to declared return type in Decision Table
  • Action is not performed if Action column is put after Return column
  • JavaWrapperGenerator crashes when method header is wrong
  • JavaWrapperGenerator doesn't support methods overloaded by parameters
  • Wrong error is raised when tested Decision Table has duplication of condition headers
  • If datatype object is null, NullPointerException is raised inside Datatype->getField method
  • OpenL WebStudio.Error display on current tab after login
  • Edit in Excel doesn't work
  • Excel file is rewritten in Webstudio
  • Full reload doesn't work properly in Webstudio
  • If enum table property is set to wrong value, Webstudio crashes on "Edit" action
  • Error section is not refreshed when switching to project without errors
  • Save operation hangs if clicking "Save" button when there is validation failure for Effective and Expiration dates
  • Benchmark button for one test case doesn't work
  • Checking/checkout button refreshes links incorrect in Webstudio main view and in search
  • Multi select should be display in table for cells with type enum array
  • Error message should appear in section 'Problems' when table has duplicated properties
  • Problems display in table editor works strangely
  • Invalid return for tables where properties section is unmerged (has several cells with "properties" text)
  • Wrong error appears when array is defined as the following: 1,2 3,4
  • The number 0.00025 defined in Excel file is displayed by WebStudio app as 2.5E-4
  • When uploading new project is always uploaded previously saved project
  • Copy Project doesn't work
  • 'Edit In Excel' link (in TableEditor menu) works incorrectly
  • Edit in Excel is available for read only tables from context menu
  • Trace highlighting is wrong



  • Services configuration should be updated with newly added properties. Please, apply your changes to new openl-ws.xml.
  • Regenerate all static wrappers if used.

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