Release Notes

v5.7.1.2 on the GitHub

Notice: it is maintenance release

Fixed Bugs

  • Decision Table execution crashes if there is no value in cell in Return column
  • Dates subtraction returns wrong number of days between dates
  • User cannot create new project from Excel template if Webstudio is deployed as war
  • Exceptions during creation and running test tables for TBasic tables
  • Webstudio doesn't recognize "yes"/"no" values as true/false
  • There is no icons and incorrect text description in Trace for the ColumnMatch <WEIGHTED>


  • Remove code and parameter declaration for simple case of RET column
  • Datatype can be inherited from other type
  • Can specify expected error messages in Testmethod component
  • "Test" button for one test case in Testmethod
  • Updated trace view: show errors
  • Updated Datatype table wizard: added possibility to specify parent type

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