Release Notes

v5.7.2 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Alias Datatypes

    Datatype based on standard type such as int or String with restrictions on values. Inside OpenL rules is known under another name, but exposed as standard type in web services or java. Datatype table syntax is extended and one column body is recognized as an alias datatype. Alias datatype values are validated both during compilation and execution of rules.

  • Inheritance in Datatype

    Datatype can inherit from another type. It’s checked that inherited types can’t be final or establish inheritance cycles.

    Notice: this feature was introduced in, but was stabilized and improved in this release

  • Double values comparison operations with precision

    Standard comparison operators were changed to work using ulp inaccuracy comparison logic for all float point types (see Added new operators that will compare float point values strictly.


  • Allow specifying package for Datatype in table properties
  • Allow to reorder HC and RET columns in lookup Decision Tables
  • Trace for Dispatch by properties component
  • Trace output into file
  • Upload project from zip with root folder
  • Links to tests from all tests result page
  • Integrated html help into Webstudio
  • Added scrolling to the repository
  • DoubleValue is supported in web services
  • Made colors of the edit fields in Properties sections more distinguishable
  • 1024M instead of 512M of RAM should be defined by default in the config file (StartTomcat WebStudio.launch)

Fixed Bugs

  • Webstudio crashes after removing 'Enviroment' table
  • Tree crashes if try to select a module before previously selected one is loaded
  • Datatype arrays are indexed incorrectly
  • Cannot open word file (.doc) from Simple search result page
  • After adding Properties table to a project all other tables disappear form business view
  • NullPointer exception after opening project without bin folder
  • Table cannot be edited in Excel after removing a sheet
  • Project crashed after incorrect version format provided for table with more than one non-active version
  • _description_ column is not displayed when viewing test results
  • Show informative error message above test table in case target table contains errors
  • Non-informative error message in case project cannot be uploaded
  • Cannot save edited table after returning from the Rule repository view
  • Null results for tests and run methods are not shown
  • Exception after opening test table with errors
  • OpenL doesn't ignore empty merged rows
  • Numbers with more than two digits after comma are rounded and it leads to incorrect test results
  • Numbers are rounded in the table view in case Numeric format of data selected in Excel
  • Colors from the Excel file applies incorrectly in OpenL
  • Datatype table with the same name as an existing table doesn't show in the project tree
  • Add scripts to open Excel and Word in WebStudio packaged as war
  • User cannot create new project in WebStudio packaged as war
  • Exception after pressing Run All Tests button in case one test table contains an error
  • Wrong Descriptor versions display when open old version of a Deployment project
  • New project version opens incorrectly
  • It's possible to open not checked out project for editing in Excel file from the trace view
  • Error message should be shown in section 'Problems' when property has error
  • Can’t open table in Excel if it’s located not in the main spreadsheet

+ number of other minor bugs, script issues in EI7 and EI8


  • Regenerate all your static wrappers, according to some refactoring issues (e.g. class TestResult was renamed to TestUnitsResult).

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