Release Notes

v5.7.3 on the GitHub

New Features

  • SimpleRules and SimpleLookup tables

    Simplified forms of Decision Table when input parameters are simple and rules logic is just to compare input with values in conditions and return one output value. See documentation for more information.

  • Execution mode in Engine

    In this mode Engine won’t load test tables and keep in memory debug information. Memory consumption is up to 5 times less than for debug mode. Flag indicating required mode is introduced in Runtime API and in wrappers. By default engine will load in debug mode.

  • Multi-file rules module

    OpenL Runtime API allows loading several separate rules files as one rules module instance. For each file its own dimensional properties can be added during load.

    This feature allows you easily combine multiple rules file versions into one engine to use internal OpenL engine versioning.

    Notice: we’ll use this feature in our web services application in upcoming releases. Meanwhile you can use it yourself to expose several versions of deployment as single web service.


  • Memory consumption is decreased up to 30% in debug mode
  • Datatypes are displayed in business view
  • Created Links to test tables for 'Results of running' screens
  • Updated Datatype wizard to support alias datatypes
  • Changed internal tables processing logic and table api inside OpenL engine

Fixed Bugs

  • Explicit conversion doesn't work (except of double->int and long->int cases)
  • Up casts doesn't work (except of char->int; int->double,long; long->double cases)
  • Extendable datatype doesn't imported during static generation
  • Property Table parsed incorrectly in case property name defined incorrectly
  • Error displays in case DT contains field with alias datatype
  • JavaWrapperGenerator crashes when method header is wrong
  • Internal imports are not added if there is no import statement in the module
  • User shouldn't have possibility to run test cases with errors
  • Technical column names displays in the test results running table instead of names provided by user
  • Files with .xlsm extension doesn't display in Rule Editor
  • Empty trace window displays in case rule table contains error
  • Cannot compare versions in repository in case project has been create from the single excel file

+ number of other bugs in Webstudio and errors processing in Engine


  • It is advised to regenerate all your static wrappers, because of adding execution mode.
  • Change your rules to provide an appropriate explicit cast operation for each downcast. Downcast operations are not implicit any more.

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