Release Notes

v5.7.4 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Dependency management between Rule modules

    New powerful feature which enables flexible separation of rules into separate modules and their reuse. New keyword ‘dependency’ can be added in Environment table and contain names of imported modules as values. Webstudio and web services applications include dependency managers able to load all known modules to them. Core dependency manager is similar to ‘include’. Custom dependency manager can be implemented and provided to OpenL API to support application specific dependency discovery logic.

  • Rules repository renewed

    Rules repository implementation is rewritten from scratch to allow easier addition of new back-ends (e.g. svn which planned for next releases). JCR repository implementation is migrated to JCR 2.0 with default jackrabbit 2.1.2 based implementation. JCR over WebDAV is added. Performance improvements and full regression testing is done.

  • Graph of rules interdependencies (beta)

    Webstudio displays the graph of dependencies between rules and tests. Arrows point to rule which is used (beta: the direction can be wrong). Rules names are links and will navigate to rules table.

  • New OpenL specific value types

    Added explainable value types for all primitive types which behavior is the same to DoubleValue. The complete list of such types includes: ObjectValue, ByteValue, ShortValue, IntValue, LongValue, FloatValue, DoubleValue, DoubleValuePercent, BigIntegerValue, BigDecimalValue, StringValue


  • Table Editor: Support cell font color, boldness, italics and underlining editing
  • Table Editor: Support cell background color editing
  • Webstudio: Support cell comments displaying
  • Datatype: Default value for attributes can be defined in the 3rd column
  • Datatype: if there are classes for datatypes on classpath, they’ll be used; OpenL will generate datatype classes in runtime only if no classes on classpath
  • Multi-module feature is reimplemented using dependencies mechanism
  • Compare Excels feature has improved UI and difference comparison algorithm, it’s stabilized
  • Added 3 new properties in default configuration: Transaction Type, Custom1, Custom2
  • Newly created project should be in checked out status
  • Updated versions of libraries: POI 3.7, Spring 3.0.5.release, CXF 2.3.0, jackrabbit 2.1.2

Fixed Bugs

  • Rules table: condition code can't be generated if condition parameter and input parameters are boolean and Boolean (or vice versa)
  • Alias datatypes as array component work not proper
  • Array types are not allowed as cell type in spreadsheets
  • Property cell is unmerged after saving if Table header consists of merged 2 physical rows
  • Cell format displays and treats incorrectly in case first cells in the several rows are merged
  • Incorrect returned result for 'if' expression in condition
  • Incorrect processing of excel files with + or & characters in it's name
  • Cannot open excel file for editing in case project name contains spaces
  • Exception appears and project corrupted in case of misprinting in the "include" or "import" cells of the Environment table
  • Two empty error messages displays in the problems section
  • Empty error message displays for TBasic table
  • Overloaded tables: Trace window is empty in case rule table has several versions
  • "Log in as local" button doesn't work for some configurations
  • Exception after opening Index Search in case module is corrupted
  • After adding a properties to the table last rows lose their formulas
  • Add row doesn't shift cells' styles
  • Appropriate editor doesn't appears for SimpleRule table
  • Excel formats doesn't apply to SimpleRule table
  • Webstudio doesn't recognize array value with comma from the first selection
  • Trace: Script errors displays in case Rule table contains formula
  • Exception appears during project uploading
  • Demo: on “Add row” button click two rows instead of one has been added
  • Projects deployed in Production repository does not have properties
  • "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError - Java heap space" appears after working with project with long table about an hour on some configurations


  • It is advised to regenerate all your static wrappers, because of adding dependency manager.
  • Close or check in all projects in Rules repository before upgrading to new version. Rules repository schema has changed and is automatically upgraded on the first run. However, rules repository properties values for open projects are stored in files which are not converted and all property value changes will be lost.
  • If you rely on runtime update of Datatypes, insure to delete compiled class files for datatypes in rules project. Now always classes on classpath are used if they exist.

Known Issues

  • .xlsx colors: Don’t use colors from the two first columns of the color theme in Excel. Due to errors in poi library, these colors may cause UI issues and their processing is temporally disabled in OpenL where possible
  • .xls colors: If old .xls files contain new theme colors of Excel 2007, they will be replaced with old indexed colors on first save in Webstudio.
  • .java for Datatypes: Due to priority of classes from classpath for Datatypes, first delete already generated .java and compiled .class files before running generation of .java for Datatypes. Otherwise the old classes for Datatypes will remain (the content of regenerated .javafiles will remain the same to previuos).

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