Release Notes

v5.7.5 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Revert changes in Webstudio

    New dialog shows history of all edits for the module between check-ins to repository. It’s possible to see differences between edits and revert all or part changes. All previous states of modified project are recorded for all edits including deletion, copying, new table version creation.

  • Attributes access methods

    New more Excel-like syntax to access attributes of classes is added. All attributes can be accessed as methods called on class instance, e.g. “Age(driver)” instead of “driver.age”.

  • Rules and methods applied to arrays

    All single-parameter methods can be applied to array of elements of input parameter class and will return array of results.


  • Core: Thread-safe dynamic wrapper instances
  • Core: Thread-safe EngineFactory instances
  • Core: IntRange supports all integral types, DoubleRange supports all float-point types
  • Core: added support of negative numbers in DoubleRange
  • Core: Add % operator
  • Core: Operators ++x, x++, --x, x--, ~x, |x|, +x work consistently for all types (including BigDecimal, BigInteger, all NumberValue types)
  • TableEditor: Improved cell value formatting
  • TableEditor: Switch from any editor to text editor
  • Rules repository: Performance improvements
  • Chrome and Firefox 4: all TableEditor features work under these browsers
  • Updated versions of libraries: Tomcat 7.0.8, Hibernate 3.6.1, asm 3.3

Fixed Bugs

  • Test table: Incorrect test status for "null" expected result
  • Test table: Float value displayed and parsed incorrectly in the test table
  • Core: Cannot define Boolean OR /AND operators in table body as "or" and "and"
  • TableEditor: Colors from two first columns of theme palette aren't applied (white background displays)
  • TableEditor: Comments doesn't move after properties edition
  • TableEditor: Exception after saving table with empty formula cell
  • Webstudio: Table loses formulas during copying action
  • Webstudio: Properties added incorrectly for datatype table placed in the .xlsx file
  • Webstudio: Cannot 'edit as new version' and 'copy' some spreadsheet tables
  • Rules repository: Can't select project with name containing '&' symbol in repository tree
  • Web services: Wrong sequence of repository update events causes wrong services update
  • Linux and Mac: Trace for Spreadsheet table causes exception


  • Be aware all arithmetic operations for NumberValue types (DoubleValue, etc.) are consistent with usual types starting from this version. All ‘null’ values will cause errors. In previous releases they were treated as 0. Change your rules if you relayed on this behavior.

Known Issues

  • .xlsx colors: Don’t use colors from the two first columns of the color theme in Excel. Due to errors in poi library, these colors may cause UI issues and their processing is temporally disabled in OpenL where possible
  • .xls colors: If old .xls files contain new theme colors of Excel 2007, they will be replaced with old indexed colors on the first save in Webstudio.
  • .java for Datatypes: Due to priority of classes from classpath for Datatypes, first delete already generated .java and compiled .class files before running generation of .java for Datatypes. Otherwise the old classes for Datatypes will remain (the content of regenerated .javafiles will remain the same to previuos).

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