Release Notes

v5.8 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Web Services Application rewritten

    OpenL Web Services application supports complex deployments with advanced functionality. Many scenarios are covered just using configuration. Customization points are available for complicated deployment scenarios. By default behavior is the same to previous version of the application.

  • Simplified OpenL tools configuration

    Configuration files for all OpenL Tablets tools such as Webstudio, Rules repository, Web Services application were revised and simplified. WebStudio contains UI for some properties editing. Changed properties will be stored in 'webstudio.home' directory to simplify application upgrade.

  • Expression indexing in arrays

    New syntax is introduced to allow choosing one (array[select first having <condition>]) or several elements (array[select all having <condition>]) from array matching some boolean condition. Conditions are written the same way as in “if” or condition column of DT.

  • New utility methods

    New utility methods are available anywhere in rules: max, min, avg, big, small, median, sum, product, quotient, mod, allTrue, anyTrue, xor, slice, sort, contains, indexOf, out (out function extended to support all types)


  • Core: Call one method several times when calling it with arguments matching signature, but with one of them as array
  • Core: Added the possibility to pass last argument of array type in method as sequence of its elements through commas
  • Core: SpreadsheetResult convector to list of objects
  • Core: gap and overlap analysis improved to support “good” overlaps including partial overlaps and default cases
  • WebStudio: Added support of non-Latin letters in urls
  • WebStudio: Application properties (like "webstudio.home") can be set through JVM system properties
  • WebStudio: Show recently visited tables
  • WebStudio: Show links to other tables in viewed one
  • WebStudio: Added link to repository if the is no projects in local workspace
  • WebStudio: Hide deleted projects from Repository tree
  • WebStudio: Default JVM settings in configuration files are resistant to PermGen space error
  • WebStudio: Disabled possibility to edit table from the trace screen
  • WebStudio: Improved performance of switching TableEditor in edit mode
  • WebStudio: Added full support of Chrome and Firefox 5
  • Eclipse: Added property to ant task to define dependency manager
  • OpenL Tablets project migrated to maven 3

Fixed Bugs

  • Core: Cast from int to String isn't work
  • Core: Engine stopped parsing Spreadsheet table after the first error has been found
  • Core: TBasic doesn’t cast the return result to the declared return type of the rule
  • Core: Cannot define short [] in TBasic table
  • Project: Double compilation in WrapperAdjustingInstantiationStrategy
  • Webstudio: Cannot open excel file from the "Select Module" DDL in case several files with the same name exist in the project
  • Webstudio: Fix double project reloading
  • Webstudio: Cannot edit table properties in case table has been opened for editing by double click (Firefox and Chrome)
  • Eclipse: Java beans source generation task doens`t write default values
  • Tutorials: Errors in tutorials: tried to access method getMethodCaller()
  • Demo: Cannot start Webstudio with repository over webdav (application hangs on)


  • WebStudio: Check the table to learn system properties changes
  • Eclipse: If you use 'WebStudio Starter' launcher in your project to start WebStudio, add property -Dworkspace.local.home=${workspace_loc} to VM arguments of this launcher.

Known Issues

  • Gap and overlap: new algorithm of validation supporting “good” overlaps may have poor performance on big tables. In the next release we will introduce possibility to choose between it and old one.
  • Eclipse: Edit OpenL Project in WebStudio does not work. To fix this add property -Dworkspace.local.home={$workspace_loc} to VM arguments of the launcher.

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