Release Notes

v5.8.1 on the GitHub

New Features

  • Lazy loading of modules in Webservices

    Increased web service performance for projects with a large number of modules. The modules are loaded when they are called and unloaded when method used rarely.

  • Support null values in additive and multiplicative operations

    Added possibility to perform +, -, *, / operations on ‘null’ values for custom Openl number types, e.g. DoubleValue, IntValue, etc. For operations "+', "-" null value will be processed as "0". For operations "*', "/" null value will be processed as "1".

  • Ranges introduced to Spreadsheets

    Ranges looks like $Col1$Row1:$Col2$Row2 (or short version $cell1:$cell2) Now the sum expression may look like sum($Step_Claim_Crdb:$Step_Vacancy). Instead of summing all cells, one by one.


  • Core: Start request date and End request dates were added into dimension properties, Request date is added into RuntimeContext
  • Core: Currency and Language properties were moved to dimension properties
  • Webservices: Added RuleService Frontend Configuration file
  • Webservices: Added possibility to support versioning in web services between different versions of deployments
  • Internet Explorer 9.0: Added full support
  • Migrated to JSF2, RichFaces 4

Fixed Bugs

  • Core: Definition slice(byte[] values, int startIndexInclusive, int endIndexExclusive) isn't supported
  • Webstudio: No trace, run, test buttons for tests when they are located in the dependency Module (dependencies)
  • Webstudio: Revert module changes returns incorrect module state after several reverts
  • Webstudio: IE: Impossible to work with OpenL under IE 9.0 after some Color schemes are applied
  • TableEditor: IE: Project with dependency is corrupted after copy table creation
  • Eclipse: Cannot start webstudio using StartStudio.bat
  • Eclipse: Cannot start webstudio from the Simple OpenL project
  • Repository: Cannot add descriptor to a deployment project
  • Repository: Chrome: Redeployment window hangs on
  • Repository: After user closes a project, changes which has already been checked in are rejected

Known Issues

  • Webstudio: Links to other tables aren’t clickable for tables overloaded by dimension properties


  • Regenerate all your static wrappers
  • Ternary operator (?:) in the Spreadsheets, second expression after '?' symbol should be taken in brackets, or a space is needed before ':'. (Ranges functionality impact)

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