Release Notes

v5.9 on the GitHub

New Features

  • New WebStudio UI - Beta

    - New AJAXian design

    - Reworked project navigation

    - Added possibility to run executable tables with provided parameters

    - Table properties moved to right panel

    - New TableEditor menu

  • Typed Spreadsheet Result

    We improved the usage of spreadsheets that return SpreadsheetResult type. It became possible to have own type for each Spreadsheet table at OpenL runtime. So you can easily access separate cells from other rules and create tests for Spreadsheets. This feature is turned off by default.

  • Decision Table dispatcher

    Added additional approach for rules dispatching. Dispatching Decision table is built for the set of overloaded by properties tables. NOTE: there are some differences in Java and DT dispatcher approaches. Java dispatcher is used by default.

  • Run tables from WebStudio on the fly

    Added possibility to run any rule providing input arguments from UI, without creating Test tables.



  • Added ID property for tables
  • Added util methods for all decimal types for rounding values up and down and with appropriate number of digits after comma


  • Improved display of test (trace) input parameters and results
  • New Copy (Edit As New Version) functionality
  • Added functionality to select tests for run in TestSuite tables
  • Added possibility to filter projects in the project tree
  • Performance improvements
  • Added ‘Upload project from the workspace’ feature
  • Implemented user settings storing


  • Stabilized, fixed known bugs


  • Added new guides
  • Updated previous ones with new information

Fixed Bugs

  • WebStudio: Links to other tables aren’t clickable for tables overloaded by dimension properties
  • WebStudio: Table with List as income parameter cannot be opened in WS
  • WebStudio: Effective/Expiration dates in the Repository saved with value 'selected data -1 day'
  • WebStudio: [IE 9.0] Error displays in case of remote connection + UI is broken
  • WebStudio: Replace the order of rows and columns on trace for Spreadsheet
  • Core: [DoubleRanges] values from the rights borders isn't include into range in case of simplified declarations
  • Core: 'Contains' method doesn't work for DoubleValue
  • Eclipse: Cannot install eclipse plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace
  • Eclipse: NullPointerException during starting WS with added Simple OpenL project

Known Issues

  • OpenL Grammar cannot parse values of integer type more than Long, decimal – Double
  • Cannot 'open in Excel' in case one of Excel sheet contains %
  • Datatypes: Error for incorrect value of alias datatype isn't display in case of array
  • Input parameters: Not able to init Collections differ from array, e.g. List, Vector
  • Cyrillic symbols supported partly


  • To ensure that your static OpenL generated content is up to date, regenerate all your static wrappers
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla FF 9+, Chrome 15+
  • Due to using new features of EL 2.2 and Servlet 3.0, only Tomcat 7 is supported
  • Constants from TestUnitResultComparator changed to enum class TestStatus

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