Release Notes

v5.9.3 on the GitHub

New Features


Referents to conditions from return cells

Implemented possibility to call condition value from the cell in the Return column by using $C<n><variable name>





  • Source code repository migrated from Subversion to Mercurial


  • Update math helper functions to perform arithmetic operations under NULL values for *Value data types: In case math function receive null as input parameter it will be handled as 0 for sum operations and as 1 for multiply operations
  • Introduced Rules Interfaces instead of Static Wrappers: Wrappers are recognized as a deprecated feature now, Interface generation is used for all rules projects
  • Added methods for working with arrays in the rules: add, addAll, remove and removeElement
  • Arrays and ranges in SimpleRules and SimpleLookup tables


  • Support Java x64
  • Wizard for Data tables added: Data table now can be created via WebStudio UI
  • Search functionality redesigned and simplified
  • Added information about Custom Spreadsheet Type and Dispatching mode on UI at the System Properties section
  • Enhanced Trace for Decision tables: User can view detailed trace with executed and not executed rows highlighted
  • Recently visited tables functionality restored and redesigned
  • Table properties separated off the categories
  • Implemented new error output engine
  • Resolved a number of encoding issues
  • Improved stability of work
  • A number of UI improvements

Web Services:

  • Logger for all requests to web service and their responses has been added

Upgraded libs:

  • Apache POI to v3.8


Fixed Bugs


  • Core: ‘big’ function isn't work for initialized array
  • Core: Default value isn't apply for complex datatype
  • Core: User cannot call datatype arrays of wrapper datatypes (Integer, Double and so on) and <Num>Values (IntValue and so on)
  • Core: Method ‘contains(null, <String>)’ returns NP error
  • Core: Problems with casts from int to double
  • Core: Core: "new A[rows][columns]" in rules is interpreted as "new A[columns][rows]"
  • WebStudio: Fix browser tab support (user can open tables in a different browser tab)
  • WebStudio: Message "Project source file was modified" appears after user open Excel file
  • WebStudio: Non-admin user has access to Administration page
  • WebStudio: Upload from Workspace: recently added projects isn't display until WebStudio restarting
  • WebStudio: [Rules Dependencies] Cannot open tables under IE 9.0 Windows7 because of script error
  • WebStudio: Cannot 'open in Excel' in case one of Excel sheet contains %
  • WebStudio: [Wizards] No validation for existed technical name
  • WebStudio: After editing test table with foreign key error displays until refreshing
  • WebStudio: Excel 2007-2010. When apply cell style colors for table in 2007 2010 Excel table displays without any content
  • WebStudio: [Wizards] Java beans isn't display in the data type DDL
  • WebStudio: Fixed startup time of WebStudio
  • WebStudio: [IE 9.0] Comparison isn't work because of script error
  • WebStudio: Exception after running test with Infinity as returned result
  • WebStudio: Exception after running tests which returns NaN or Infinity
  • WebStudio: Search. Cannot find symbol '@', '%', '$', '^', '#','&'
  • WebStudio: In case of big quantity of input parameters user cannot scroll input parameters popup
  • Web Services: Error displays after providing wsdl address into SoapUI
  • Web Services: ClassCast exception in webservice with interface that has method with convertor for result



  • WebStudio: Locate the TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml file and add the URIEncoding="UTF-8" attribute for all <Connector> elements. For example:

    <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" URIEncoding="UTF-8"/>

  • WebStudio: In (setenv.bat) files update -XX:MaxPermSize attribute to XX:MaxPermSize=384m

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