Release Notes

v5.9.4 on the GitHub

New Features


New Security

Implemented possibility to install WebStudio in two different security modes: Single-user and Multi-user. In a Single user mode only one user who is currently logged in on the computer can work in OpenL Tablets WebStudio. Single user mode is set by default and does not require additional settings. Multi-user mode enables multiple users to work in OpenL Tablets WebStudio and supports a security mechanism restricting access to certain product functions based on user access rights. Administrator can manage users and groups via UI. Running WebStudio in Multi-user mode requires external database installation, see details in the OpenL Tablets - Installation Guide in the ‘Configuring External User Database’ section.

User Management

Added a new feature designed to manage WebStudio users via UI in the Multi user mode. The user access in the WebStudio is based on users and user groups. All privileges are assigned to a group and will be granted to users after they are included in that group.

Multiple Production Repositories

Implemented possibility to add several production repositories via WebStudio UI. Now user can deploy a project to multiple repositories.

Project Versioning

Added business dimension properties to a rule project. All project modules, folders and files inherit the project properties that can be changed manually.

Added the following System properties to a project: ‘createdBy’ / ’createdOn’ and ‘modifiedBy’ / ’modifiedOn’.

Revision numeration has been changed: now a project revision number consists of one digit.

Added possibility to comment a new project revision: the user can enter any useful information as Comments when saving a new project revision.





  • Implemented new methods to work with dates: ‘dayOfWeek’, ‘dayOfMonth’, ‘dayOfYear’, ‘weekOfMonth’, ‘weekOfYear’, ‘second’, ‘minute’, ‘hour’, ‘hourOfDay’, ‘amPm’
  • Added syntax > dataTable.requiredfield keyfield to test field from Data table separately


  • Added possibility to skip adding table system properties (‘createdBy’, ‘createdOn’, ‘modifiedBy’,’ modifiedOn’) into table while editing. Now user can turn off system properties addition in the Administration by unchecking 'Update table properties on editing' control
  • Added possibility to specify system properties ‘custom.spreadsheet.type’ and ‘dispatching.mode’. via WebStudio UI
  • UI usability improved: buttons ‘Check in/Check out’ renamed to ‘Save / Edit’; project statuses ‘Checked out’ renamed to ‘Editing’; project property ‘version’ renamed to ‘Revision’, button ‘Redeploy’ renamed to ‘Deploy’
  • UI usability improved: added possibility to check/uncheck all test cases in the Run/Trace/Benchmark dialogs
  • UI usability improved: Now in the recently visited tables list overloaded and versioned tables displays with appropriate versions and properties
  • UI usability improved: in case user creates a project by uploading a zip file its name sets as project name and cannot be changed
  • Added possibility to create projects with multiple modules. Now user can upload several excel files simultaneously during project creation
  • UI usability improved: Now creating a project from template, by uploading excel file(s), zip files, importing local project available under one button: ‘Create project’
  • ‘Hide logout’ and ‘Auto Login’ system settings has been removed
  • A number of UI improvements

Upgraded libs:

  • Oracle Mojarra to v2.1.11


Fixed Bugs


  • WebStudio: Explanation in the RESULT column doesn't work
  • WebStudio:system-settings’ folder created in default location([ROOT]:\openl) when webstudio.home sets to another folder
  • WebStudio: Save button in Rules editor is available even no changes has been made in the project
  • WebStudio: In case two project modules contain spaces in their names and they are combined together by include after Saving changes new file created
  • WebStudio: File with spaces in it name displays with % characters instead of space at the COPY and Create table wizards
  • WebStudio: After refreshing old opened version for deployment project resets
  • WebStudio: No error message display in case user doesn't select file to Upload
  • WebStudio: [Wizards] Remove unnecessary data types
  • WebStudio: Prevent breaking table styles after adding properties
  • WebStudio: Services .xml shows in project tree
  • WebStudio:Out of memory errors encountered when using WebStudio v5.9
  • WebStudio: Added folder with name which contains .xls or .xlsx in rules editor is showed as a file
  • WebStudio: Data from the foreign table isn't sorted
  • WebStudio: Date values parsed incorrectly in data table with foreign key
  • WebStudio: Incorrect Formula result after edition in Rules Editor
  • WebStudio: After browser window resizing elements are mixed at the screen
  • WebStudio: When "No Security" mode is turned on 404 error displayed after WebStudio starting
  • WebStudio: 'Edit cell containing error' icon should open cell with error for an edition
  • WebStudio: All table types parsed as Other type
  • WebStudio: [Trace] Collections as a returned result displays with system information
  • WebStudio: [Trace] Do no display 'Detailed trace' checkbox in case no DT table traced
  • WebStudio: [Copy] For table with errors 'copy as new version' works incorrectly
  • WebStudio: Empty results after running tests for runmethod table when click RUN ALL TESTS
  • Core: In case int range contains Min integer value parsing error displays
  • Core: Incorrect parsing of spreadsheets for some projects
  • Core: Fix operations with dates
  • Core: Error after execution spreadsheet which calls field from data table
  • Core: Operators Positive and Negative works differently (positive operator doesn't return instead of null)
  • Core: Sometimes: error 'java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Should not be called in SpreadsheetResult
  • Web Services: Performance issue with OpenL rules loading in case of big rule jar
  • Web Services: Change architecture for possibility to use different types of service





  • WebStudio: New default User Workspace location.

    In previous releases WebStudio uses two different locations for user workspace:

    - [OPENL_HOME]/local-workspace - for local users (logged as LOCAL when WebStudio is deployed on the local machine)

    - [OPENL_HOME]/user-workspaces/[USERNAME] - for remote users (when WebStudio is deployed on the remote machine)

    In this release we redefined user modes. Now WebStudio can be deployed in two modes: Single-user and Multi-user (see above).

    Both of them use the same workspace location - [OPENL_HOME]/user-workspace.

    So move please projects from the old locations to the new one:

    -> [OPENL_HOME]/user-workspace - for Single-user mode (projects will be located in the root)

    -> [OPENL_HOME]/user-workspace/[USERNAME] - for Multi-user mode (projects will be located in the [USERNAME] folder)

    Notes: If you use a custom location for user workspace, configure it please again via Administration UI.

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