In Release 5.22

New features

  • Use streaming read for xls and xlsx files

    OpenL switches to use Event API to process xls and xlsx files while in read-only mode. It will allow to consume much less memory when it's only required to read xls/xlsx files. During Editing DOM read appoach will still be used and will require more memory


  • A number of new Date and Logical OpenL functions
  • Rework metainfo handling in WebStudio to reduce memory consumption

    WebStudio stores cell types when the project is compiled to show correctly formatted cells to a user and to show correct editor when editing cells in WebStudio. For big projects it leads to extra memory consumption.
    It will be reworked to not store metainfo for all cells, such info will loaded on demand.

Later Releases

New features

  • Git repository support
  • Global variables
  • Smart Spreadsheets - extra AI/ML augmented processing
  • Smart Rules further improvements and simplification
  • Rules algorithm analysis tool for performance and errors
  • Easier Properties Configuration
  • Table editing in Google Doc and/or Excel Live365 Office
  • ACL security
  • Internationalization kit


  • Rules Repository cleaning
  • Variations functionality new implementation
  • More usable UI in Webstudio - merging and unifying Editor and Repository views
  • Rules syntax improvements
  • Better errors management
  • much more


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