What Is OpenL Tablets?

The OpenL Tablets product is an open source business rules engine (BRE, BRMS) and decision management system. It consists of the following major components:

  • Business rules engine - powerful and business friendly
  • WebStudio - web based rules editing and management workbench
  • Rule Services - framework and application to execute rules as services, such as RESTful services, Kafka consumer/producer, implementation provider for Java interfaces
  • Rules Repository - implementation concept of enterprise-class rules repository using git, databases, blob storages


OpenL Tablets provides an unorthodox approach to writing and managing business rules that allows users to keep executable business rules as close as possible to the original source. At the same time, it features a highly scalable, executable rules engine, integration with modern software systems, choice of web-based or Excel-based author environments.

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Turning your documents into executable business rules is now simplified. You'll need to instruct OpenL how to process your documents by adding headers to all your tables which describes busines rules and converting your text rules descriptions into structured rules tables. And then all those rules get ready to be used in OpenL Tablets environment. See OpenL Tablets Documentation to find out how it's done.


The OpenL Tablets is good approach for real-world business applications for several reasons:

  • 90-95 percent of business logic is table-based
  • Most of it is already maintained in Excel files
  • Business logic is primarily in decision, lookup or spreadsheet tables, because of simplified way to apply all business algorithms

OpenL Tablets is based on the belief that structured, graphically presented documents are easier to understand and change than business rules presented as a text.

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