Release Notes

v5.21.13 on the GitHub


Webservices, Webstudio:

  • Updated Jackson libs to 2.9.8 to fix potential security vulnerability


  • Supported independent declaration of @Path, @POST, @GET annotations
  • Added a way to disable Default Typing in REST services by jacksondatabinding.defaultTypingMode parameter
  • Added a way to configure default date format for Rest Service by jacksondatabinding.defaultDateFormat parameter


  • Default table properties are hidden in table details view


  • CharRange datatype supports the same syntax as IntRange

Fixed Bugs


  • SmartLookup: Incorrect validation, if 2 rows are merged in Horizontal condition
  • Tests fail when custom interface is used as datatype
  • SmartRules: Uninformative error "The element is null" is displayed for Smart and Simple rules, if return type is custom SpreadsheetResult
  • Uninformative message "The element is null" is presented on UI for Test table
  • "Compare" feature corrupt datatypes
  • Error message is displayed for Datatype's fields that have similar names, but with capitalization of letters, if datatype is defined in external class


  • Impossible to select a valid value from drop down for BigDecimal Alias and BigDecimalValue Alias
  • Missing Steps in Trace
  • User is not navigated to Properties table by clicking on Blue arrow
  • Compilation errors are displayed for both dependent projects, if projects contains equal Decision Tables
  • Project is not Locked for user2, if user1 updated project via "Upload" feature
  • Webstudio doesn't work under IE 11.0
  • "Table Dependency" feature doesn't work if DT contains error
  • Special symbol "\" disappears from the field after saving
  • Date can't be selected on UI from Dropdown for Alias Datatype
  • Module corrupted if user added a new line in table having empty rows
  • Temporary files are not filtered: FileNotFoundException is presented to user if path to module is defined with * in rules.xml
  • Module that has specific set of properties can't be opened on the UI
  • Issues with validation of DoubleValue Alias

Maven Plugin:

  • "Verify" goal fails on clean environment, when Maven v3.6.0 is used.


  • SOAP schema and response contains an ignored property of SpreadsheetResult
  • Memory consumption rise cased by custom.spreadsheet.type property

Updated libraries

  • Jackson v2.9.8

Migration Notes

OpenL Rules

CalculationStep.getStepName() returns a value without type definition now. Was: "MyStep:Double". Became: "MyStep"

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