Release Notes

v5.24.7 on the GitHub

Fixed Bugs


  • The index column is incorrectly selected for an array if the datatype is inherited.
  • Memory consumption increased in OpenL Tablets Rule Services.
  • The cell type for a common spreadsheet step is defined as an object when the same step has a defined type in other steps.
  • The “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” error is logged for smart rules with unmatched titles.
  • Performance gets slow because of extra dependencies in environment tables.


  • An error appears in the log if a user closes or deletes a project after exporting it.
  • The revisions list disappears if opening a project while the "Revisions" tab is displayed.
  • New fields appear in the Admin tab for the design repository if a user presses Enter.
  • UI is displayed incorrectly in Admin tab if a repository name is too long. Instead, the repository name must be cut to fit the UI field.
  • The "Project 'MyProject' is not found." error is displayed when receiving an update from the branch where the current module is deleted.
  • The "Select Excel file" drop-down list is reset if a user selected another branch.


  • The "WebStudio can't open two projects with the same name." error is displayed on opening a revision of the deploy configuration.


  • A project with Apache Groovy scripts cannot be successfully deployed on demo.
  • A user is unable to delete the module after the file is uploaded to the project in the repository tab.

Updated Libraries

  • Tomcat 9.0.54
  • Spring Boot 2.5.5
  • Spring 5.3.10
  • Apache Kafka 2.8.1
  • Apache CXF 3.4.5
  • Jetty Server 9.4.44.v20210927
  • Elasticsearch 6.8.19
  • OWASP 6.3.2
  • Groovy 3.0.9
  • Maven WAR Plugin 3.3.2
  • Maven Project Info Reports Plugin 3.1.2
  • Swagger UI 3.52.3
  • Swagger 1.6.3
  • Spring Elasticsearch 3.2.13.RELEASE
  • Joda Time 2.10.12
  • JGit

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