Release Notes

v5.25.2 on the GitHub



  • Memory usage is reduced when StringRange is used
  • Warning message on comparing values of the different types

Rule Services:

  • If the database is unavailable on application startup, Rule Services repeats connection attempts until the connection with DB is established.

Fixed Bugs


  • A datatype field of the SpreadsheetResult type cannot be set dynamically.
  • A custom SpreadsheetResult field cannot be defined, if this spreadsheet is stored in the same module.
  • External conditions are not matched to the smart lookup table.
  • Rule compilation fails with the "Invalid Decision Table header" error if the first column is commented.
  • Validation for the Alias data type does not work if several Alias parameters are passed with a non-Alias parameter between them.
  • Time zone is ignored while parsing the date if the cell has a text type.
  • Even though the "contains" function used in the condition is case sensitive, no error message appears if the incorrect parameter is specified.
  • The method is not found by the full path if an array is passed as input.
  • The “Identifier not found” error is displayed when comparing an element to an array using simplified syntax.


  • The "Something went wrong" error appears on reverting the changes if the Excel file is opened.
  • Tags are not set and the "Something went wrong" error appears if a user creates a project by importing it from the Git repository, sets tags, and clicks the Import button for the second time.
  • In Firefox, an obsolete number of errors is displayed in the collapsed error panel.
  • The "URL" text must be in capital letters in the "CAS server url" and "SAML server metadata url" field names.
  • Incorrect field labels are displayed in the "Copy Deployment Configuration" tab.

Updated Libraries

  • Spring 5.3.13
  • Spring Security 5.6.0
  • Spring Boot 2.5.6
  • Swagger UI 4.1.0
  • Elasticsearch 6.8.20
  • Joda Time 2.10.13
  • Elasticsearch 6.8.19
  • OWASP 6.5.0
  • Netty 1.4.70.Final

Migration Notes


In previouse version there was an issue with matching fields in an unpredictive order, when idntifiers are in the different letter case in the same class. E.g. when java class contained the similar fields and getters/setters (static and non-static), e.g. public static ID field and getId() method. So to prevent unpredictive binding of idntifiers, there was added additional check, which fails if clash is possible.

In the log it seems like:

  • Static field 'Id' is not found in type 'MyBean'.
  • Metod 'calc(Reference<MyBean>) is not found.

To fix this errors it needs to correct identifiers to prevent clashing. E.g. use calc(myBean) instead of MyBean.Id calc(MyBean)

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